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B17 Flying Fortress on Ben Edra, Isle of Skye

In late summer 99 Flash and myself went in search of a B17 which crashed near the summit of Ben Edra in 1945, on nearing the summit of this hill we realised that it dropped off sharply in the area we wished to search. We failed to find any remains in the vicinity and were told later by a local that next to nothing remained at the actual site as the locals had carried much of it off as souvenirs, funny bunch! Have since heard that remains do still exist including the engines so a future trip may be possible.

Myself looking in vain for a way down!
Flash stands at the edge of the drop off.

Spitfire on Ben Macdui

I went myself to see if I could locate the remains of a spitfire which allegedly went down near the summit of Ben Macdui, I searched the suspected area but could find no trace, however there was still snow in the area which may have covered any signs.

This was the suspected area, in the distance Beinn Mheadhoin can be seen.

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